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Why I started Courchevel Nanny Services


After running Meribel Nanny Services for 7 years now, I started to recieve more and more bookings for Courchevel, once I took a closer look at what was on offer in this valley, i realised Courchevel was lacking in a high quality, reliable childcare Services and so Courchevel Nanny Services was born.
Rather than having nannies always travelling over from Meribel every week, we will now have a core team of Courchevel nannies, who will know the resort like the back of their hand! They will specialise in Courchevel childcare, taking your children on the best adventures around La Tania, La Praz, Courchevel 1650 and 1850
And simply ensuring you and your children have the most fantastic holiday. Since opening Meribel Nanny Services in 2014 we have thrived and expanded year after year, offering more and more service and we look forward to doing this in Courchevel
I love running Meribel and Courchevel Nanny Services and am very proud of the service we provide, we get nothing but amazing feedback week in and week out.
Each year all of my nannies have been incredible and I am very thankful for how hard they work to ensure we continue to build an amazing reputation here in the 3 Valleys.

About Nicole

Nicole Wallbank is the owner and Manager of Courchevel Nanny Services. Nicole has a Level 4 OCN Maternity Practitioners Certificate along with a CACHE level 3 Diploma in childcare and Education. During the Covid pandemic in 2020 Nicole spent her free time updating her childcare training and will be gaining certificates in child psychology, Child nutrition and sleep training.

Keeping herself updated is extreamly important to her as it means she can guide her nannies within their job and pass on her knowledge.

Nicole has been in the Alps Nannying for 15 winters. Her love for good, professional and FUN childcare is why she started Meribel Nanny Services in 2014

Her love for good, professional and FUN childcare is why she started Meribel Nanny Services in 2014 and why She has started Courchevel Nanny Services, It is the reason you will still see her out and about Nannying, helping at ski school and delivering the toys and equipment throughout the season. Nicole uses her experiences over the past 12 years to ensure that she offers everything you would need on your holiday from baby equipment such a buggies and sterilisers to flexible packages and amazing nannies.

You won’t go wrong booking with Courchevel Nanny Services, from full time childcare, a night of babysitting, to baby rental equipment. 

Courchevel Nanny Services have exactly what you need to ensure your family holiday runs smoothly and your children have the best time on their holiday 

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