Jessica Payonne

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Jessie is 22 years old and grew up bilingual in France. When she was 16  she moved to England to connect with that part of her and  spread her wings. In the UK she  discovered a love for art and design which she studied for 4 years.

After her studies she moved back to France where where she has been working with children aged 3 to 14 through teaching English and babysitting

While teaching English, she would pick up the children from school and organise snack time before starting the lesson. Working during the COVID pandemic added extra hygiene responsibilities, she came up with a song for hand-washing that quickly became a hit with the little ones.

To keep the children engaged Jessie would plan and execute a lot of different activities from singing, to interactive memory games. Making sure everybody was following the lesson, getting along with each other and having a good time.

Jessie believes we have a big responsibility in shaping children’s future in learning through fun and communication.

During the school holidays she also ran holiday workshops where they would focus on a theme throughout the week and do arts and crafts, exercise sheets and games relating to that topic.


“Seeing children progress and look up to me throughout that year was very humbling and I’ve learnt a lot from being around them so much”


As well as teaching, Jessie has worked as a babysitter/nanny for several families taking the children to activities, looking after them at home and making sure their needs were met.

“I am a very organised person who never shies away in front of a challenge. I’m hard working, adaptable and I love meeting new people!

I have always wanted to do a ski season and when I found out I could combine working with children and living in the mountains it seemed perfect for me!

I’m very excited to be working with Meribel nanny services and I’m looking forward to making your stay here even better!”


We are very excited to have Jessie on the team, her references have nothing but lovely things to say about her and she keen and excited to expand her childcare knowledge

Please note references are translated from French to English


Jessie Payonne was an English teacher to my then 7-year-old son for a school year, from September 2019 to June 2020,  it is with pleasure that

I recommend her for working with children.

Jessie has shown professionalism throughout the school year, being punctual to

every school trip, and attentive to the safety of the group of 5 children she accompanied.

Beyond the mission of learning the language entrusted to her, Jessie showed an affinity

natural with the children, associated with a dynamism and a positive energy which makes that the children

become attached to her, and are excited to discover all the new things that she has


Jessie shows great listening and finesse in her relationship with children, and knows how to handle a

group of children while paying attention to each of them. She was a great

kindness to my son, attentive to his particular needs within the group, adapting to them,

and always being encouraging.

I also really enjoyed the communication with Jessie, who has, on her own initiative,

regularly updated on how the sessions were going, always sincere, transparent

and caring.

It is therefore natural that she deserved my full trust and that I recommend

warmly Mademoiselle Jessie Payonne to all the families who would like him

entrust their child.



Jessie Payonne mentored our son in an English class. He was part of a group of 4 children aged 5, in a large kindergarten section. She provided the ride home, supervised the afternoon tea and animated one hour of English lessons each week.We were very satisfied with his work. She is serious and responsible, enthusiastic and committed to ensuring that every child participates and that none is left out.The children enjoyed participating in the course. She is a teacher and has instilled a good dynamic by offering a variety of activities.We would love to be able to find her again in another year.


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